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Transger teen

A Transgender boy now living as a teenage girl

Evolution works on the principle of mistakes when DNA is copied. This is inevitable given the billions of people in the world, we don’t make anything as complex as a Gene, if we did in the numbers nature does, we would make infinitely more mistakes. I assume this is where the Transgender movement believes the basis for their ideas comes from-I don’t know as they have never been clear on ANY truly scientific basis.


Zero medical evidence has been provided for Transgender-unless you count money-grabbing political science like Climate Change that has been wrong for 35 years. So we move forward with no understanding.


The anti-Transgender movement is headed up by older individuals who have gone through the process, realized their mistake and tried to go back again. You can’t. These are sad stories, people who have ended up as-basically-disfigured. They all admit that in hindsight, their initial confusion over gender was an emotional reaction to events in their lives-and this in a time when we were much less hair-trigger than we are now.

kids 1


We would never let a 5 year old make an irreversible life decision. Would you let a pre-school child sign a legally binding contract to join the military for LIFE with no way out? Of course you wouldn’t. But it’s OK to let them change genders. This is insanity.

I have dealt with children who appear to have gender issues-we used to say the boy was effeminate, the more negative connotation, while girls were just Tomboys. If you’re over 40 can you imagine if every Tomboy was immediately Transgendered into a male? Many women, mothers and happy being who they are, will tell you they were Tomboys as girls-they laugh about it. GETTING HOW DANGEROUS THIS IS? In children I’ve dealt with I’ve always found a viable reason why they are acting the way they are, in one case: a 9 year old girl was dressing and acting like a boy and saying she wanted to be a boy. Cutting out the discovery process, I calculated that with an absent father and the mother having to shift huge attention to her career, the mother-not unusually-paid more attention to her 7 year old son. First, he’s younger, mothers generally default to the younger child, secondly he’s a boy. Boys and mothers, father’s and their girls, is a basic family dynamic. The girl noticed this and in a subconscious attempt to get more attention from the mother tried to mimic her younger brother. Perfectly natural. By bringing the absent father back into the equation (yes, I’m aware this solution is not always possible but there are always others) the father naturally favored his ‘princess’ balancing the equation. Some years later and we have a beautiful, feminine teenage girl who is happy with herself and has no interest in being male. I wonder how many Transgender cases are like this? My guesstimate: 99%


The Paradox: men and women’s brains have a few interesting differences. Simplistically: men have better hand, eye coordination & women, better communication & language skills. This is a generalization and there will be many cases where this doesn’t play out-but in general-true. So the Transgender movement declares that men & women have different brains, far different than Neuroscience has been able to find-or their ideology doesn’t make sense-how can you change between two things that are the same?

Transgender aligns itself politically with the Left (what harmful ideology doesn’t) which insists there is NO difference at all. Transgender also aligned with Feminism which, despite what some of them say, believe that Female is the superior state… so… they believe there is a difference? Transgender is also part of the LGBT community, so are they saying that there ARE NO GAY PEOPLE, THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE IN THE WRONG GENDER BODY? It would seem so. If Gay people switched gender then they would be sexually attracted via the Heterosexual model and so-no more Gay people.


Well, this is what is commonly known as BS. I served in the military with very tough, males who were gay (not out obviously). They loved being men and had no interest in being women. I haven’t actually met a Lesbian-and I’ve met many-who wants to be a man.

Transvestites or Crossdressers apparently want to switch genders-most don’t, they just enjoy living, on occasion, like the opposite sex. Some whoever do want to switch, the adult Transgender group. They are very sincere but I would still be cautious-a complete study hasn’t been conducted but it appears that none of these individuals are free from traumatic life experiences that could be an easier explanation for the way they think.


So how common is the pressure on very young children to make a decision on their genders?



Descriptions, reviews & opinion on the book in all their terrifying glory-note the ages mentioned:

“This is a delightful little book about Nick; a young child assigned a male gender at birth who sees himself as a girl. His parents tell him they love him anyway he feels. At school he wants to play with the girls, and creates a self-portrait that shows him as a girl. When he tells his parents that the teacher didn’t understand, his parents made a point to go to his school and explain. They also work with a gender counselor to help their whole family deal with Nick’s need to be a girl. This book exemplifies how a family and a school should work with a transgender – or potentially transgender – child. Unfortunately, many families and many schools are frightened by a transgender child’s self-knowledge and try to force the child into their assigned gender, often with seriously deleterious results. Be Who You Are is listed on for ages 9 – 12. Nick appears to be younger than that, and I think this story is quite suitable for much younger children even if you must read it to them. I would even like to see it as a coloring book for the kindergarten and grammar school age kids that could be used as a teaching tool about gender diversity”

“I bought this book for my 8 yr old transgender Granddaughter. She was so happy to get it she said, smiling, “She is just like me.” it is important for a trans-child to feel that they are not alone. This book certainly helps. The story is clear and easy to understand for a child”

I just finished reading this to my four-year-old and seven-year-old. It was very easy to understand and helped them to better understand their newly-transgendered cousin. I think the book explains transgender in children to children in a meaningful way. The book helped them to process this concept and made it easier to ask questions about the character in the story than it was to ask questions about their cousin. I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends who need to better understand a trans-gender person in their life”

“This book helped my 7 and 9 year olds better understand themselves and each other, because one of my sons, like Nick, “feels like a girl inside.” I love that Nick has supportive parents who tell him how much they love him, and whom Nick can turn to for support. When Nick’s teacher scolds him for drawing a girl as his self portrait, his parents talk to the school, and afterwards the teacher is supportive. When Nick becomes Hope, Nick’s little brother tells Hope that he misses his brother and worries that she doesn’t love him now that she’s a girl. Hope explains that she’s always felt like a girl–that this isn’t new–and that of course she still loves him. Both my children were visibly relieved after I read them this book, and they immediately started a meaningful conversation about how they both feel about themselves and each other (no, that doesn’t happen every day!). Being transgender is something most adults don’t even understand, but this book makes it clear and simple: some people are born in the wrong body, it’s not their fault, and they deserve to have those around them love and support them”


In Europe and America there are already moves to allow children to Transgender without the knowledge or permission of their parents. BIG GOVERNMENT STEALING YOUR CHILDREN SOUNDS LIKE PARANOIA – BUT IF THIS ISN’T A CASE OF CHILD-ABDUCTION I’M NOT SURE WHAT IS. PARENTS ARE SLOWLY BEING MADE IRRELEVANT!

Fight back against this. If your child is expressing gender problems (with the propaganda this becomes more likely) find someone who believes, as I do, that Transgender is a terrifying knee-jerk reaction, and let them help your child express why they feel this way. I guarantee there will be an interesting & logical emotional reason.

Even if you believe the Transgender movement, why wouldn’t you do this FIRST? It has zero irreversible effects and at worst-if you’re right-will just do nothing. So what’s the problem? Surely, when it’s your children caution first, right?



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Prescription Painkillers are becoming the major source of overdose in the USA

The problems of opiate abuse from Prescription Painkillers is pretty well known. Opiates are from the same family of organa-chemicals as Morphine or the Victorian painkiller Laudanum or the Victorian street drug Opium and the modern street drug Heroin, the latter started as a common cough suppressant remember that fact.

The power of this group of chemicals is that they are plant based, like cocaine & marijuana-why are the plant based chemicals so efficient at what they do? The reason is that we share between 40% and 60% of our DNA with plants (this is a tricky figure to pin down due to complexity of DNA & what aspects we are talking about, but this rough estimate is good enough), this common heritage means we share a lot of biochemistry in common-why its healthy to eat your vegetables! This means that we will come across organic chemicals in plants that bear a remarkable similarity to those found in the human body, opiates bind to the same receptors in the human brain as our natural endogenous opioidsthe receptors are found in various areas of the brain-mu, delta, and kappa receptors.

dna blue

As all life on Earth shares a common ancestry we share DNA, the further back you split off the less DNA. Because a large amount of evolution stayed in the protozoa stage the rest is condensed so we share more than you would think.

Organic Chemistry is a highly complex subject and Pharmaceutical Companies struggle to come up with compounds anywhere near complex or targeted enough to achieve the right effect-especially in the brain. The best solution, for them, is to take organic chemicals found in plants that already match closely our own endogenous chemicals and adapt or modify them if necessary.


Aspirin is an interesting example of organic chemistry-taken from a plant we are still discovering the complexity of Aspirin-hence the ever changing advice on its use!

This link with organic chemistry makes the drugs highly addictive-what does that mean? Basically, the brain can’t tell the difference as, mentioned above, the brain’s receptors react to both. The difference is the natural system in the body will carefully regulate these chemicals to produce the effect it needs-very carefully-by contrast, inserting wildly varying amounts of exogenous (not produced by the body) chemicals into the system quickly overwhelmes it.

This is the addiction cycle. The body reacts to the introduced exogenous chemical by reducing the amount of endogenous natural chemicals-a common sense reaction, the levels seem high, produce less. When you stop taking the drug the brain has stopped making its own, now you’re in trouble, you’ll notice the absence VERY quickly! When it comes to painkillers then you’ve boosted the brain’s natural pain reduction system, then taken away the boost but the brain has switched off its own – now you have NO natural pain reduction ability.

drugs 1

Herion the street opiate of choice but it has few differences from medical morphine or standard pain-killer opiates-all derived from the same Poppy Seed

Before the brain can adjust there will be an excess of pain-reduction this is an odd idea, so what does an excess feel like-it feels like euphoria! 

Imagine a control with a minus side and a plus side and zero in the middle-call this the pain control. When there is nothing wrong, no injuries, the dial will be set to zero. If there is an illness or injury the brain increases its defense system, the dial goes up, to… say… 40. It will then return back to zero when the problem is resolved. When you introduce an opiate with no pain, the dial jumps up, but as there isn’t the equal and opposite force of pain to negate this-the dial shoots up to 80! This is the high. Even if there is pain you could substantially increase the input so the dial still jumps to 80. Either way with the introduction of external drugs the natural endogenous chemicals will have been shut down. When the external drugs wear off the dial doesn’t drop back to zero, it goes into the negative scale as the system is now out of balance. This equals pain and extreme discomfort-withdrawal. The solution? Take more external drugs as you have no control over the brain’s own internal system. CONTINUE TO DO THIS AND YOU RESET THE ZERO POINT ON THE DIAL now you have to have the external drug to keep the dial at zero. The amount needed will slowly increase. Now you have a major problem, you need more and more of the external drug just to keep that dial at zero-and should there be an increase in pain from the injury YOU NEED EVEN MORE DRUGS.


You’re now in a real mess and struggling not to relive pain or get a high anymore but to keep the dial at zero!


Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin about 20 years ago and they added a sustained-release system (designed around a 12 hour cycle)-a system that has been further developed and added to other drugs since. New research has found that the effect is not homogenous, works for some, has a very different effect on others. This is a VERY serious issue. If the delayed-release isn’t working properly then you could get a higher dose that you thought you were getting-or-you could be getting a lower dose. Tests have indicated that many people are-best I could put it-getting high doses that run out early leaving them in detox which amounts to craving and the need for more of the drug.


Many common street drugs have been around a long time (even Meth was being used in WWII) but we have never seen them in such variety or inexpensive availability.


The Los Angeles Times released an expose on the problem and here is  very telling extract:

The Times investigation, based on thousands of pages of confidential Purdue documents and other records, found that:

  • Purdue has known about the problem for decades. Even before OxyContin went on the market, clinical trials showed many patients weren’t getting 12 hours of relief. Since the drug’s debut in 1996, the company has been confronted with additional evidence, including complaints from doctors, reports from its own sales reps and independent research.
  • The company has held fast to the claim of 12-hour relief, in part to protect its revenue. OxyContin’s market dominance and its high price — up to hundreds of dollars per bottle — hinge on its 12-hour duration. Without that, it offers little advantage over less expensive painkillers.
  • When many doctors began prescribing OxyContin at shorter intervals in the late 1990s, Purdue executives mobilized hundreds of sales reps to “refocus” physicians on 12-hour dosing. Anything shorter “needs to be nipped in the bud. NOW!!” one manager wrote to her staff.
  • Purdue tells doctors to prescribe stronger doses, not more frequent ones, when patients complain that OxyContin doesn’t last 12 hours. That approach creates risks of its own. Research shows that the more potent the dose of an opioid such as OxyContin, the greater the possibility of overdose and death.
  • More than half of long-term OxyContin users are on doses that public health officials consider dangerously high, according to an analysis of nationwide prescription data conducted for The Times.

As the company knew about the problem for a long time and could see-or read in the press-the effects on society… were they ignoring this for profit?


And a lot of those guys eventually went to prison! I’m also wondering… how many other Pharmaceuticals have this problem – the idea of sustained or managed release is pretty widespread now!

Remember I asked you to remember the cough suppressant factor? Opiates are a reparatory system suppressant-this leads to hypoxia, this is when there is not enough enough oxygen in the blood and hence the brain. There are similarities with hypothermia-when the body temperature drops too low-when in this condition you tend to make bad decisions that exacerbate the effect. In opiate overdose hypoxia leads to those same bad decisions-if the effect of an overdose with opiates were extreme stomach cramps then we would be in a much better position. We would be calling everyone we know to get us to the hospital and when it got bad enough we’d call 911 or crawl to a hospital-with opiate overdose you become drowsy and soporific, you don’t seek help, you don’t dial 911, you do the worst thing possible, you lay down and sleep.

When opiates take you away it’s a powerful pull into an irresistible sleep, no alarm bells, warnings are muffled in a soporific state, then you drift gently away, never to return… this is what makes opiate overdose as dangerous as it is…



Read the full LA TIMES article here



Alex Jones has been following conspiracies of the Elites for decades, many people are avid fans-including myself even though I disagree with the methodology he believes in & I have a dislike of clean shaven men in suits-he dislikes beards apparently-I find it hard to give full credibility to a guy who I think is going to sell me a financial product at any minute! To his credit, Alex is a genuine Alpha Male, like me, he’d rather be at Thermopylae with his 300 hand-picked warriors and sort it out with blood & glory… and like me-he can’t! It really is an irritation, but it is what it is. 


THE CONSPIRACIES ARE REAL... obviously some are not, no one gets everything right, but Alex Jones was RIGHT about 9/11 LONG before there was enough evidence for everyone to jump on that bandwagon-now the Saudi response to the redacted 11 pages is the same as saying “Hey! We did it! And the Bush’s helped by facilitating”.

CONSPIRACIES ARE A NATURAL ASPECT OF THE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CULTURE – they have been around a long time: Et tuBrute? But they’re evolving-in the information age Propaganda takes on a whole new methodology-and is in battle mode right now because free-voices have access to large platforms via Internet.


The idea that all of this is driven by the Elite is simply not true. They aren’t that smart & that’s the biggest argument against Conspiracy Theories “The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead” Benjamin Franklin. Governments are STUPID, INEFFECTUAL, INCOMPETENT AND AS DUMB AS  A PILE OF ROCKS! So how does it happen?


This mathematical system was created to try and understand, like all hard science, God’s methods. It was originally designed to understand the climate because the climate is a Chaotic System! That means, it is highly reactive to small changes and moves forward into ever more complex states creating, as it does, patterns that we simply do not understand. After Chaos Theory we discovered that what we had previously labeled a random event has distinct patterns with some VERY strange behaviors.

Heisenberg is reported to have said, “When I meet God, I am going to ask Him two questions: Why relativity? And why turbulence?” My guess is one of those seems obvious to you and the other, very odd. Relativity is hard right? Complex weird stuff that you don’t really understand – but turbulence? That’s just white-water rapids or ‘bumpy’ air when you’re flying. The truth is Turbulence, a stubborn mystery of science, is one of the things God’s system creates naturally AND IT IS DEFINITELY NOT RANDOM-it is one of the mysterious outcomes of non-linear dynamics.

charles darwin 1

Charles Darwin come up with his twin theories before Chaos Theory was formulated or I am certain mathematicians of his time would have made the connection: Evolution is a Chaotic System! Just to make this clear, the label Chaotic System implies that the system runs under the rules outlined by the math of Chaos Theory & therefore has certain amazing characteristics-it does not imply it’s “out of control”. Evolution responds to minute stimuli – which means it can be driven by things that are not immediately obvious, like being chased by Saber-Toothed-Tigers, it is more likely to be driven by a periodic water variation of less than 1% – appears to make no sense, what would possibly notice that? An algae is affected seriously by this, an insect that feeds of the algae is affected by its decline, amphibians that feed off these insects shift their diet-hence their habits-the next predator in line has to readjust a little-this adjustment gets bigger as we go up the scale to the Pinnacle Predator-who is likely to notice a significant change in things & very quickly adapt or disappear – disappearing is more often the driver of evolution as another predator moves into that space and makes significant adaptations to this wide-open niche BECAUSE they have a sudden abundance of resources to do so. That’s Evolution in a very, very small nutshell.


Universal Forces acting upon innate objects will change them. Conservation of Angular Momentum; Temperature Equilibrium; Gravity; Pressure et al. Our planet evolved along with the life it supports.

Human society evolves in the same way as biological evolution-a mixture of steps & sudden leaps-the move to an agrarian model was highly significant as it brought the actual LAND into property rather than the produce derived from it. It also enslaved women. Why? Because the accumulation of physical objects led to inheritance & dynasties which meant men MUST know the son’s they are leaving this to are their actual sons. Only solution-women become property & slaves. Society continues to evolve and in the same way that, biological evolution does, many of your newer systems are built on the working foundations of the old ones (people are familiar with the fact that we have, relatively speaking, a lizard brain at the core of the Human Brain). We are a social species, therefore hierarchical, this is innate.

Jack Aubrey 77

Russel Grant as Captain Jack Aubrey

“Stephen, men must be governed, not always wisely I grant you, but governed none the less” Russel Grant as Captain Jack Aubrey in the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World – taken from a series of books universally recognized as being a fantastically accurate depiction of the British Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars. So I take the fictional quote as being very representative of attitudes at the time-and now!

We even agree we should be governed-Libertarian’s (I am one) believed in a co-operative society with minimal powers to control things that can only be done so jointly and to control those who… run amok, basically! But anarchy doesn’t feature into anyone’s model of society! So the CONCEPT of government and therefore hierarchy is primitively ingrained. WHEN YOU PUT THIS THROUGH THE MATH OF CHAOS THEORY YOU GET STRANGE RESULTS. Chaos Theory predictions like STRANGE ATTRACTORS depict very unusual outcomes.



It also predicts just the kind of conspiracy events that Alex Jones notices and reports on. These things are REAL but they are also a result of God’s Universal Laws acting upon us!



© 2016

Check: Alex Jones INFOWARS

Geoff Danes



The Autism Spectrum is a highly unscientific principle, probably because it was created by the Political Establishment and not scientists. An inability to understand an number of neurological issues: Aspergers and ADHD profiles (ADHD is not a condition) led scientists to recognize the similarities between them, also the massive spread of how these issues present. For comparison, schizophrenia presents in a remarkably consistent way with low variability, this indicates a common cause – which is in fact the case, and led to a common solution. Which like the condition has a highly consistent success rate.

So, scientists, realizing that they were most likely creating a confusing plethora of terms abandoned all of them – kind of clean the board and start again, good, sturdy scientific principle. The public and political community started using the term Autistic Spectrum because you can’t push for a cause if you can’t name it – just common sense.


SO WHAT IS AUTISM? Well, you can look up the list of symptoms, what I’m concerned with is what is creating a large spectrum of similar neurological issues. Why has there been a relatively sudden spike in these issues? The argument, like some physiological conditions, that we lacked the knowledge/technology to identify it, doesn’t hold up. You can’t miss it. Leprosy and Tuberculosis, before understanding & cures, were the same – we didn’t know what it was or how to cure it BUT EVERYONE RECOGNIZED IT WHEN THEY SAW IT. I’m aware that “what” Autism is becomes less clear, it’s possible some people have the problem to such a low degree that it gets recognized late – but then the brain IS the most complex system in the Universe.


A scientific journal definition was: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. So… what I said, basically.

Looking at multiple articles the scientific consensus holds that vaccines do not cause Autism, but popular opinion still has a large percentage that believe this is the reason for the spike. An article in The Lancet, arguably the most respected scientific publication, provoked concern among parents – however – The Lancet article was retracted for making false claims and because its author was found to be on the payroll of litigants against vaccine manufacturers. Discounting similarly spurious pseudo-research THIS is the only source for the Vaccine Conspiracy.

N.B. There was an unproven question mark about organomercury in vaccines, but, sensibly, rather than investigate for years vaccine manufacturers removed the organomercury compound thimerosal.

dna blue

Very recently, over the last 5 to 7 years, scientists have identified a number of rare gene changes, or mutations, associated with autism. A small number of these are sufficient to cause autism by themselves. REMEMBER AUTISM IS A GENERIC NAME FOR CONDITIONS WE DON’T UNDERSTAND, so is the condition this gene creates the same as what most parents are coping with dealing with autistic children. I don’t think it is – why? Because we would see the expression of the gene at points in the family history, the same way we do with other conditions “do you have a family history of…” well, we don’t see this is autism, yes, with that specific gene sector, but it’s self admittedly minuscule. 


“Most cases of autism, however, appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes and environmental factors influencing early brain development.”

THIS IS A FASCINATINGLY LOADED STATEMENT“Appear” means that we can effectively dismiss the gene factor because prior statements have made it clear the gene only effect is marginal. Gets a little complex here, you will have regard the “genes associated with” this as NOT the “small number that could cause it themselves” – factors that create autism will likely alter certain genes so they are classified as associated – this statement is the same as saying: “broken bones are commonly associated with falling off a cliff”. True, but does not imply that broken bones caused the fall.

So, something is causing this – it’s NOT a natural genetic mutation that occurs at a reasonably predictable rate (like schizophrenia) – SO WHAT IS CAUSING IT? No one knows, but there are suspects! One is Vaccines but I’m going to leave that as personally examining the data I did NOT see it as a good candidate.

autism therapies

For many years the connection between Cerebral Palsy and Folic Acid/B12 deficiency was been well known. In the West pregnant women are generally given supplements as a matter of course. What does this teach us: THAT, AS MY SYSTEM Inception Point Mapping™ indicates, the human brain/mind is a Chaotic System. This is the term derived from a branch of mathematics: non-linear dynamics. A CHAOTIC SYSTEM IS HIGHLY SENSITIVE TO MINUTE CHANGES. Because Chaotic Systems continuously increase in complexity this means – important part – that anything that affects a young, developing brain will be vastly magnified beyond what you would expect.

There are100,000,000,000 neurons, on average, in the human brain. If you built a static machine with this many components, all of equal importance and a dozen weren’t working properly you MIGHT notice a decrease in performance in the machine, but, most likely you wouldn’t. Negligible difference. Change a dozen neurons in the brain and this analogy doesn’t hold. Neurons connect to produce the vastly complex entity that is you. The number of neurons is large but not that large: IT IS THE VAST NUMBER OF POSSIBLE CONNECTIONS THAT MAKES THE BRAIN THE MOST COMPLEX SYSTEM WE KNOW.


So, damaging a dozen neurons which are part of a chaotic system can and most likely will, create profound and unexpected changes. The phrase THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT was coined from a statement by one of the creators of Chaos Theory “if a butterfly flaps its wings in India we get a hurricane in Florida”. The climate is a Chaotic System. Now taking that, highly accurate, little statement can you see how changing just 12 neurons in 100,000,000,000 CAN HAVE A DRAMATIC EFFECT – LIKE… AUTISM!

Phycologists, Psychiatrists, Philosophers and Neurologists (though they are raising an eyebrow) DO NOT take the Chaotic nature of brain development into account when assessing these problems. Why? Because none of these disciplines has math as an integral study area – in fact Neurologist have some but the subject (at a high level) is ENTIRELY missing in the education of Phycologists, Psychiatrists, Philosophers. THEY CAN’T INCLUDE THIS IMPORTANT FACTOR SO… THEY DON’T.


My opinion – it’s not vaccines – it’s the refusal to accept the Chaotic nature of the brain, which means data that is NOT relevant without it BECOMES VERY RELEVANT when you incorporate Chaos Theory.

Some disconnected areas of information:

  • Low Folic Acid/B12 levels in pregnant mothers can cause significant birth defects in the child’s body.
  • There is a reluctance to assume that this could also include the brain.
  • Most pregnant women (tested) show a decrease in the amount of vitamin K reaching the fetus across the placenta – specific study, so why should we assume that many nutrients are not similarly affected?
  • The list of vitamins/minerals & other elements/chemicals that the body needs IS INCOMPLETE, we don’t know we should have something until a defect is found that tells us we do (e.g. no one knew we needed vitamin C until they noticed scurvy in sailors)
  • An increase in Gastrointestinal Malabsorption in humans has been observed – some of those humans are pregnant women, this will effect the baby.
  • An increase of abnormal gut flora has been observed in humans recently which is the likely cause of Gastrointestinal Malabsorption.
  • A number of environmental factors, such as food additives, has been seen to create abnormal gut flora.


cechical dumping

Vaccine manufacturers removed an organomercury compound because people are, quite rightly, nervous about mercury. It also made vaccines a less likely suspect – good marketing sense. Mercury, like most elements can be combined in molecular states that transform its effects on humans, or the environment. In an organomercury state there is no evidence it is harmful – but in other cases it can be incredibly damaging. In some states mercury can be a powerful neurotoxin – neurotoxins affect the brain/nervous system AND have the ability in some cases to break the cell wall and damage DNA. Symptoms of mercury poisoning typically include sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination. SO THE NEUROLOGICAL SYSTEM IS DEFINITELY BEING ATTACKED.


We spray logging areas with chemicals to kill all other plants but the pines you want, seeps into the ecosystem and is distributed – animals consume it and spread it. Water evaporation send it up into rain clouds to be distributed. it seeps into the water table and is disseminated. Wind carries micro-particles from spraying. It gets everywhere – and we ingest it.

We spray our crops to remove insects & molds. We inject our food animals with hormones and antibiotics (big red flag for abnormal gut flora) to make them grow faster and larger. We put additives in our water – fluoride – to reduce bacteria and increase dental health.

Autistic Child

These are just some of the things we DELIBERATELY place in our environment. To list the thousands of chemicals that we dump in our environment as a by-product of some activity, by negligence or criminally would take a whole other article. It’s huge.

One of these is the disposal of pharmaceuticals. Millions of tons of unused drugs are disposed of in the environment. Many people flush unwanted drugs down the toilet – we’re told to in some cases. Current aging and inefficient water treatment plants cannot remove contaminants as small and complex as pharmaceuticals.




Geoffrey Ragnarokk Danes
© 2016


History’s Xerox Machine

girl's & xerox machine

I was listening to a talk by renowned Philosopher Stefan Molyneux as he was interviewing a single mother – Stefan’s was in political, or socio-economic mode at that moment – so, we follow her list of bad choices, which could accurately be described as “non choices” to the uninitiated. Stefan was politely correcting her at times to point out that “it just happened” wasn’t acceptable and that taking responsibility for her actions was essential to get her life back on track. Later… some time later… she mentioned her mother. Then we hear about her step-siblings with different fathers.

Stefan paused and said “wish you’d mentioned that earlier… so… basically we’re doing the Xerox of History, feed the life sheet in and out comes a copy”



It just struck me as a brilliant way of describing a snapshot of how the process happens. Because human’s are-behavioral wise-ALL nurture and no nature (sans caution of falling, dislike of dark etc.) despite the fact you probably hear this is still in debate. We learn our behavior from our earliest years and so, usually, parents are the greatest influence hence his comment. The little girl learns her mother’s behavior – see my other site to learn how – and repeats it and we have History’s Xerox Machine! Also, a great catch phrase to remind parents that their children’s life behavior rules will be formed between 2 and 7 years of age, so be extra careful at this time.

While I’m on the subject of Stefan Molyneux I should also mention he has a ‘Zero Tolerance for Hitting Children ideology which I happen to agree with – yes, I’m aware I’m very conservative and incorporate a lot of old fashioned values, like teaching boys to control their emotions, develop courage, and learn at a young age to tolerate discomfort, no, I didn’t starve them or anything, I’m talking about outdoor survival, putting up with being wet & cold (a bit) and not having a soft bed, or 24/7 computer games – I didn’t hit my children. In fact, when I occasionally lost my temper I would go to them and apologize – I reminded them of their transgression but would apologize for mine. This isn’t soft, it has a lot in common with the Spartan Agoge where respect for the mentor is critical, how do you respect: do what I say not what I do? or because I said so! Know anyone, including yourself that didn’t hate that? When you have the mentor-respect dynamic just discussing incorrect behavior is sufficient, and for any skeptics THIS IS EXACTLY THE SYSTEM USED BY THE MILITARY.


While on an exercise which was part of the Green Beret qualifying course we would all screw up at some point. All the squad were punished and all accepted it, they knew they got off easy because they guy who transgressed had to deal with letting down himself, his squad and the mentor (my case a tough USMC Sergeant). I CAN PERSONALLY CONFIRM THAT ALL ARE BAD BUT LETTING DOWN YOUR MENTOR WAS THE WORST PART what followed was a spring-back effect, you double your efforts in order to restore your honor. IT WORKS! Both with military personnel and children – hitting (remember, I’m a pragmatist not soft) developes a tolerance for dishonorable violence (anyone weaker than you) and is easy to get past – the child either acclimates to it, or withdraws and is damaged. Not good policies.

N.B. As I explain on the Inception Point Mapping™ site, the 2 to 7 development is just the beginning, what is given to them at this point is subjected to the laws of Chaos Theory (non-linear dynamics) which incrementally changes these ideas to produce the complex set of behaviors we see around us. 





Geoff Danes




Many positives of the Industrial Revolution made life better but there were always side effects. Remember DDT? That happened because we didn’t understand how toxins built up in Pinnacle Predators – simply put, if you poison plants then animals that eat plants become poisoned by Ω-grams of the poison. The next predator up the food chain consumes, say 30 rabbits, this predator now contains 30-times-Ω-grams of poison. The next predator eats 10 of these animals, now that predator contains 10 times(30-times-Ω-grams) of poison. Toxicity builds and concentrates as it goes up the food chain. DDT was killing insects but birds were eating the insects in large numbers and consuming large amounts of DDT. So now we are very careful how and where we use it.

Humans Are The Ultimate Pinnacle Predators.

The average diet in America – which is nothing to be proud of – will lead an individual to consume meat from thousands of farm animals who have been consuming toxins by eating plant matter. As Pinnacle Predators toxins in the environment will concentrate in us.

Artificial Fertilizers were found to break down in the environment into many chemicals, one being artificial estrogen. For decades our children, and then as adults, have been consuming that estrogen.

This problem hasn’t been getting better it’s been getting worse as more of these chemicals were introduced. Known as hormone mimicking  or endocrine disrupting agents. One research project by Herbert Needleman, MD found them in shampoo, sunglasses, meat, dairy products, carpets, cosmetics and baby bottles. Baby bottles! Well, when it comes to introducing toxins to our children that’s got to be the ultimate way to do it!

So what is the result? Dr. Needleman believes that latest figures showing boys are now far more at risk of suffering from ADHD, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia can be linked directly to estrogen poisoning (boys have estrogen naturally but anything can become toxic in high levels, including water – drink massive amounts of water quickly and you’ll likely die).

The ideal ratio of male to female births in humans is 1:1 and the norm is not far off this though fluctuations have occurred. Until recently there were ‘slightly’ more boys born than girls. But research may be starting to show a new trend of decreasing males due to high estrogen levels. The first thing we see, as mentioned, is health problems in males and if the toxicity increases we will by extrapolation see an increase in male stillbirths and severely deformed male babies. Slowly, rising estrogen levels will make male births rare -worth noting that the pollution is affecting reproduction in some animals as well.

From my and other anecdotal observations, hormone imbalance is affecting society on a extreme level. Young people are designed to be highly adaptable and THEY ARE ADAPTING! I hear about their extreme flexibility with the gender spectrum. Most will have come across the  initialism LGBT, itself a recently modern idea, but now we have the initialism LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual). This is natural to young people-as it should be-who can also move freely between these categories without issue in their peer group. But this sudden broad widening of the Gender Spectrum is unlikely to have NO cause-how does that work? The flooding of estrogen is likely at the root of this. While girls experience some movement within this spectrum they retain their femininity, boys on the other hand LOSE their masculinity, altering our social structure drastically.

male feminist 3

Don’t know why this guy’s worried – I see very little chance of him being ‘manly’ – bunk-beds can, sometimes, be indicators of this!

As I’ve said in other articles the Regressive-Liberal-Feminist Agenda is attempting to do this through social manipulation. THE IMPACT OF ADULT MALES ON BOYS LIVES IS NOW IN RAPID DECLINE.

Fathers are being confused about their masculinity i.e. whether they should express it to their sons when the boy’s teachers are almost exclusively female & often hostile to men.

There is a huge disconnect with my generation. Growing up I was surrounded by the WWII Generation, my Grandfather and Great-Uncles were all WWII veterans-and how do you top stories like that? Although, they had a great talent for telling amusing moments – there actually were some! My uncle told me that his small seven man squad were lost in France after the D-Day Landings, they stopped, in true British fashion to make a pot of tea – suddenly a bullet ripped through the kettle and as the water spurted out and they ran for cover they heard German soldiers laughing. Men are unusual creatures-war or difficult situations tends to ‘increase’ humor in men-at least in my generation and those before it.


Read Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall a spectacularly insane book by British comic genius, Bi-polar sufferer, the late Spike Milligan.

Despite this being the most amazingly wealthy and peaceful period in American history the level of histrionics is amazing. Men act like girls-women don’t, they’re having to carry the extra weight men have dropped-they look like little boys and act like little girls. I SAW A POLICE CHIEF ON TELEVISION RECOUNTING A MURDER AND HE STARTED CRYING…


Yeah, I would really like to say I was making that up but you know I’m not because you’ve seen men cry on television yourselves-over nothing!

Men of my generation need to talk to the ‘men’ (there are still some) of the next generation and encourage them to dismiss this Progressive Crap and get active in their son’s lives. Offsetting that political message is hard, fighting against high estrogen makes it harder, but when facing these odds Americans just get tougher. Do it!

male feminist 2

I don’t know where to start with this guy. What is an “equal opportunity boy”? we already live in an egalitarian culture which many people fought hard for. And, can you really be a Feminist if you’re male? I recommend at least 2 years in the Army.

Women! Get involved in this too. ENCOURAGE MEN TO TAKE A STAND. This is a matriarchy-it was when I was growing up-so was Sparta & most tribal societies- because tough women make tough men-but women are being shamed for wanting men back in their culture by unmedicated-feminists – ALL third-wave-feminists should be medicated in my opinion – actually I want them rounded up and send straight to ISIS, they must be friends right? Considering Feminists NEVER criticize Islamic treatment of women. Great plan!

The news today is about 300+ protestors being arrested in DC and official declarations by the Republicans and Democrats that they are done with Democracy, so I don’t think I’m being extreme. This is a time for fighting.  Fighting for traditional values. Fighting against the attacks on Christianity. Fighting for what America should be. In these times we must look to our children first BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THEY COME AT YOU. CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN THEY CONTROL THE FUTURE!

N.B. Alternative media commentator Steven Crowder visited The University of Michigan where students felt that the right to free speech was NOT as important as the fear of offending someone. Basically, they saw no value in the First Amendment. Wow.


Watch Documentary Video

Finger Wagging Narcissism



This title was taken from a Stefan Molyneux lecture regarding Emma Watson’s Third-Wave-Feminist Lecture to the United Nations. His main issue, other than the fact that her speech was vacuous & outdated, was the usual issue men have with Feminism: IT ISN’T AN EGALITARIAN SYSTEM.  Which means they are promoting female rights above those of men & boys.

Truth Revolt Article:  “Showcasing the honor of American soldiers in what is otherwise a harrowing report issued by The New York Times, U.S. military members are facing discipline for refusing to obey orders of turning a blind eye to Afghan “allies” who are keeping young boys as sex slaves”

Many people will have come across this practice which is widespread and systemic in most Islamic countries, though the sexual abuse of boys in all societies happens and is grossly unreported. Nor is it a new thing: a Pederast, a man who is sexually involved with young boys, is an old term and appears frequently in British Naval records from the 1700’s.

Third-Wave-Feminist Reaction… Zero! The systemic abuse of children (of which the majority are girls), Third-Wave-Feminist Reaction… Zero! IF YOUR GOING TO SPEND SO MUCH ENERGY ON A MOVENT AT LEAST HAVE IT STAND FOR SOMETHING MORE THAN: The Right To Select Your Gender (even if that gender is just made up) and “All Sex Is Rape!”


The assertion of Third-Wave-Feminists (many of whom are men-no, I don’t get that either) that they’re in a state of constant sexual assault is just nonsense. I think this is also a problem-they’re self declared ‘sluts’ but men still don’t want to have sex with them!

Do I really care what Third-Wave-Feminists believe? No. No one does. However, they are aligned to the Radical-Progressive movement which infiltrates our schools and tries to shame NORMAL women-you know, the successful, intelligent, hard working ones (no, I don’t think Third-Wave-Feminists are normal) for their role in motherhood. Not good. They are also aggressive atheists – again, not healthy for our society, especially as they offer no alternative to the Christian  model of a family-centric ideal for the raising of children – studies have confirmed this remains the most healthy model for children See Previous Article AND it includes an egalitarian model for the parents.

So why are Third-Wave-Feminists so irrelevant? My own take on why this is the case now is that Equality/Egalitarianism in the West was achieved some time ago and because Feminists are Unwilling or Afraid (or both) to take their cause where it’s most needed: in those countries around the world where women & children are LITERAL slaves and subjected to horrendous punishments, mutilation and death by stoning. On issues in these countries the Feminists are silent, again… mmm… Why? Well, the men in those cultures are misogynistic and have primitive attitudes to violence – they will physically and violently attack Feminists for daring to have an opinion and Islam believes the rape, beating and enslavement/murder of Infidel women to be the correct reaction to them-Feminist or not. Correlation? Of course; Feminists are scared to help these women so to justify their existence they continue to berate Western men over issues that are mythological or no longer exist. Myths that are really easy to research if you have the time are: The Wage Gap & The Rape Culture in Universities (or rape facts in general).

Smiling couple

A Few Facts on Western Societal Attitudes to Women:

  • The Massachusetts Bay Colony prohibited wife-beating as early as 1655.
  • In the United States the Death Penalty for rape (of a female)  was only removed in 1977.
  • The FBI did not acknowledge that men could be raped till as late as 2013.
  • In a Ground Breaking recent CDC rape survey it was found that men being raped in the USA was a higher figure than the rape of women.
  • Various surveys have shown that the hitting of children in the West remains a problem.
  • TIME Review of Study:  One mother in the study hit her toddler after the toddler hit or kicked her, admonishing, “This is to help you remember not to hit your mother.” “The irony is just amazing,” said a researcher.
  • Other studies have shown that mothers in the West hit their children on average 50% more than fathers.

Yes, there are many other factors to take into account but there is also far more data to study – false rape claims are now coming under scrutiny and there is a case to answer. Lesbian relationships have the highest domestic violence content. Female rape of younger men (adolescents?) is a significant number – yes, surprised me too. The media representation of males is significantly derogatory – most popular representations of family men are of the Homer Simpson variety – portrayal of single women seems to be they are all ridiculous Ninjas, married mothers are unfulfilled… blah! blah! Usual Hollywood idiotic misrepresentation of EVERYTHING! 

SO… a possible reason why Third-Wave-Feminists whine pointlessly in the most egalitarian culture the world has ever known-they’re too afraid to go after the source of the real problems. DO WE HAVE ANY USE FOR SUCH A GROUP? NO. THEY’RE JUST ANNOYING.

From my research Third-Wave-Feminists are a weird bunch and after having thrown their lot in with the Gender Movement: LGBTQiXMF or some such drivel-who are trying to stop Texas from having the traditional  gender separation in bathroomsI don’t care what gender you want to be and as far as I can tell neither does anyone else in the West so why do you need a ‘movement’?


If Third-Wave-Feminists say they would argue their case with Islamic males in the same way they get ‘in the face’  of polite young Western males, then, THEY’RE LYING!

If we accept Third-Wave-Feminists are too afraid to go after aggressive regimes/ideologies like the Progressive-Left in general –don’t start the Islamophobia/Racist argument, it’s just a cover the West wears when it’s too afraid to criticize something – there are REAL problems here in America they could tackle, while still remaining safe. WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF THIRD-WAVE-FEMINISTS DECIDED TO TACKLE the insidious attacks on our children by Pharmaceutical Companies, the Government, Global Interests and their puppets: The Progressive Movement?

CURRENTLY THESE INSIDIOUS ORGANIZATIONS ARE poisoning our kids with artificial Estrogen created by the breakdown in the environment of artificial-fertilizers and many other substances, including the worst offender-the plastic used in babies drinking bottles & children’s toys. I have also previously listed hundreds of tons of unwanted pharmaceuticals disposed of by us through waste systems which leaches into the environment.  Hormone use to make food animals grow faster (which has been linked to early-onset puberty in girls-there have been cases in Mexico of girls as young as 5 entering puberty). Antibiotic saturated meat produce that Europe still will not accept because it does not pass their food quality standards. The Pushing of Pharmaceutical drugs onto children for invented issues like ADHD – AND the availability of street drugs & illegal Pharmaceuticals – the latter usually stolen from family members, elderly grandparents etc. by children aged TEN and younger. Then when we add the Systemic Progressive Ideological Agenda – OUR CHILDREN, AND BY DEFAULT WE, ARE IN TROUBLE!


This last issue, the Systemic Progressive Ideological Agenda affects ALL children through such things as Common Core BUT other Progressive ideas like overly pacifying the learning environment and denying gender differences (Purple-Penguins) affects BOYS significantly more than girls. The reason isn’t difficult, girls are designed to thrive in a feminized environment-its a little scary how many articles exists on the Internet that claim we socialize children to select certain toys when scientific studies show otherwise. A stunning study that showed Vervet Monkeys make similar choices to human children points this out-humans have far less ‘in-womb’ neural development to other animals due to the evolutionary premature nature of our birth-even so-early neural mapping must include some gender information or young children wouldn’t exhibit this behavior in tests. Which is why we see boys failing in school and graduating from college at considerably and growing rates to girls.

Of course we don’t want to hold girls back, we want to create an environment where boys can thrive as well.

math science girls & boys

The above graph shows that despite boys having their strengths & girls having theres this does not even out to equal to the point of Graduation as one would expect. Studies have shown that Teachers-overwhelmingly female and disproportionately Progressive-score boys down for behavior and perceived behavior. What the latter means is-penalizing boys for being louder and more rambunctious (boys will be boys).

graduates graph

This apparently carries over (as you would expect) into College Graduation figures-FURTHER GRIST FOR THE MILL IN THE ARGUMENT THAT THIRD-WAVE-FEMINISTS DON’T HAVE A CENTRAL CAUSE ANYMORE.

Boys already exist in a feminized world due to the increase in women being single parents-when you add the school system in to the equation their identity is under threat-add all that estrogen flooding their systems & the ridiculous White-Male-Privaledge guilt that Progressives subject them too… “Houston… we have a problem!”

My attention was drawn to this problem by dealing with children but more so by talking to many women (NOT Third-Wave-Feminists) who are having to make this dysfunctional system work-somehow!

As far as women go Third-Wave-Feminists will do nothing but wail, moan, call for the mass-murder of men and worry about the imaginary rape-culture-well, imaginary in America but a very real thing in Islamic countries, which we will become if we don’t stop the Left. Anyway, the strong, intelligent, hard-working, amazing non-feminist women are going to have to grasp-the-nettle here, but they CAN do it-I know who they are, very well, I meet with them all the time AND I married one!

I am going to be creating videos & running workshops to assist with this-it can be managed, with effort-for adult women but obviously if we tackle the problem at source we might be able to get society vis-à-vis relationships and functional environments for children-oh the Progressive-Left will hate this one BY RESTORING THE FAMILY AT THE CENTER OF OUR SOCIETAL MODEL. Currently males are just dropping out at alarming rates! We need to bring them back in, put structure back into society, let men and women be different within an egalitarian system and add a moral core back in-Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly here but given its cultural heritage and the fact that it seem to do a very good job and has hundreds of years of experience behind it-SEEMS TO BE A SENSIBLE IDEA. Why reinvent the wheel?

Christian’s use the belief system to run their personal self-growth and as a guide to their progress through life morally-why shouldn’t they go back to using it as a model for the family? ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS SHUT THE PROGRESSIVE-LEFT UP AND STOP THEM FROM NAGGING/BULLYING PEOPLE INTO THINKING CHRISTIANITY IS BAD FOR SOCIETY. I like my reputation for telling-it-like-it-is… so… to all those in the Progressive-Left, leave our kids alone, quit nagging, just shut up and go away before we vote to have you thrown in GITMO-don’t push us, we will do it!


Thomas Jefferson’s Ominous Warning


“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

In the early part of the 20th Century this prescient warning came into being. What a great man gave the people as a warning to the people became a really great idea to the evil – yes I do think the financial industry is evil. Usury is clearly defined as a sin in the Bible, many times, but I doubt you’ll find many Christians these days that even knows what usury is.

A modern author decided – out of casual curiosity as far as I know – to take a look the epicenter of this evil, THE FEDERAL RESERVE and what he found prompted him to write an amazing book updated into its 5th edition (don’t know the guy, not getting anything for promoting it but anyone who wants to be proactive about getting this country back on track needs to read it).



The Creature From Jekyll Island so named because the Federal Reserve was conceived & created on this island – interestingly the same island, off the coast of Georgia, where Global anti-Trump meetings are held. Makes sense as the guy has stated he will audit the Federal Reserve.

Most people assume the Federal Reserve is a Government Department IT IS NOT, it is in fact a CARTEL (in the true sense of the word) of all the big banks. They created and maintain the Federal Reserve to regulate: THEMSELVES. Yes, we really have gotten into a cesspool of corruption, its been going on for some time but the 20th Century was its heyday and – possibly – the 21st might be its undoing (we can hope).

The Federal Reserve produces our money, sets interest rates and regulates the banking industry. The Federal Reserve is owned and run by the big banks.


“The Federal Reserve uses open market operations to influence the supply of money in the U.S. economy to make the federal funds effective rate follow the federal funds target rate. The federal funds rate is an important benchmark in financial markets.” Wikipedia

ImpressiveI Insidious, manipulative and an organization that any Bond villain would love to set up. Doesn’t take long to realize why Globalists must be annoyed by the tiny annoying obstacles that get in the way of running the aquarium we all live in – like – us having a minuscule say in things through the ineffective medium of democracy.

Our Elected Government, Congress and the POTUS have lost control of, what is in effect, the blood of our nation. How money flows controls everything else. When you look at this, even a casual glance, you see that…

EXACTLY what Thomas Jefferson warned of, came into being on December 23, 1913. That’s the official date that We The People lost control of America!

Such is the ludicrousness of allowing such a corrupt entity to come into existence merely highlights another ludicrous aspect of our system: allowing men (it’s mostly men) who are almost exclusively Lawyers in search of personal fortune, to form a governing class: The Political Class. They are not only susceptible to corruption, they actively seek it out AND they don’t have to look far.

In Britain an archaic 2nd house of Government filled with hereditary Peers of the Realm still exists: The House of Lords. When it came time to possibly update it the people did not vote to do so. Why? They realized something intriguing – as wealthy aristocracy with an inflated sense of history and duty the members were immune to corruption and on the whole tended to make better decisions than the elected house. Surprising but logical…

Not that I advocate such a thing – in any case, we don’t have an Aristocracy to fill it – however, that we should more carefully define our elected representatives seems entirely obvious.

Suggestion: Political Office must be made a Public Service again. Officials seeking office should receive a modest stipend and expenses which would be regularly audited. If an official is not performing their duties (few turn up to vote) their stipend can be suspended. Additionally, any additional monetary gain must be illegal (exceptions for existing investments, pensions, inheritance etc.). If you don’t want your business to stagnate because you’re busy in Office, or you want to give speeches for $250K a time, or you want to create a charity or organization that will receive donations THEN DON’T RUN FOR OFFICE BECAUSE IT WILL BE ILLEGAL. The self aggrandizing money hungry lawyers will scurry off like rats, seeing no opportunity here. Honorable people from all backgrounds will be able to run – additionally, if candidates can secure the required signatures then a Campaign Fund will be provided by the Taxpayers, it will be modest and exactly the same for EVERY candidate – so spending it wisely & effectively will become a skill, and one we want to encourage.

Imagine if our Political Candidates were men & women, most likely around 50 years +, find themselves in a position to give public service, children grown and most time-consuming parts of careers over, or semiretired. They could still be lawyers, but there would be retired Firefighters/Police Officers, Business People, Ranchers/Farmers… anyone and everyone what was eligible could potentially run!


Geoff Danes - G. Ragnarokk Danes



I’ve had the chance to form a considered opinion on this topic over the last year, having dealt with a record number of troubled teenagers. If you look at the plethora of studies and articles on the subject, the reason could be literally ‘anything’… well, it’s not.

One study did, in fact, identify something important, a dramatic increase in narcissism: “A 2010 study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the percentage of college students exhibiting narcissistic personality traits, based on their scores on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, a widely used diagnostic test, has increased by more than half since the early 1980s, to 30 percent. In their book “Narcissism Epidemic,” the psychology professors Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell show that narcissism has increased as quickly as obesity has since the 1980s.”

Narcissist couple taking self portrait.
Narcissist couple taking self portrait.

Alarming… narcissism is a more complex topic than most think. The archetypal opinion is a self-centered, armor plated, thick skinned, arrogant populist; these traits are actually the property of the Pathological Narcissist and they include anger, intolerance and bullying. For those unfortunate enough to have a Pathological Narcissist in their life they will know that these traits are split, so that the outside world see the super friendly face, the family get the angry bully.


The young narcissists discussed in the study are fragile creatures, their self obsession driven not by “self love” but by the perceived opinions of others – recipe for disaster? Heck yes! Someone’s going to knock you down, or merely disagree. To the Generation X “life’s no picnic” sector, they just shrug and move on. To teenagers this is a disaster, they were told “you can be/do anything”, now I don’t disagree but you have to understand this is invariably misinterpreted by children. It comes out as “nothing negative will ever happen” (I will be discussing ‘how children interpret messages’ in my forthcoming book), so when it ‘unexpectedly’ does… major problem! We literally see the collapse of a world-view.

I think this is somewhat understood but what isn’t is the huge amplifier of Social Media… This creates a cyclonic effect, negative-energy cycles round and round as events are commented on and exaggerated, the end result being a Gen X misstep = a Millennial DISASTER. This results in a literal emotional crash and burn for teenagers!

The result? Not, as you might think. Not histrionics, shouting, crying, tantrums. No. What we see is more worrying: IT’S ANXIETY AND A DEEP MALAISE… Parents of troubled teens are already familiar with this worrying malaise, a sort of ‘giving up’ and ‘withdrawing from society’. Why? When you get stung that hard you instinctively withdraw.

It can be very dangerous to let this mindset take hold and become the dominant personality

Teenage friends photographing themselves with smartphone
Teenage friends photographing themselves with smartphone

What do I do about it? Unlike traditional therapies, which, quite frankly don’t have a concerted approach, I use my non-linear dynamics based system, IPM, to reset that early conditioning, so that we get back to the more moderate interpretation of “you can do/be anything” to incorporate a more uneven path to the destination (as the real world reflects) which accounts for setbacks and shows that they are essential learning experiences to reach your final goal.

One final point, if you have a teenager with this issue ACT. If it isn’t dealt with swiftly it becomes embedded and develops into a host of life problems.




It seems logical to judge the state of mental health by looking at the amount of drug sales related to the condition. You would, presumably, regard a 500% increase in Malarial treatment to indicate a big increase in Malaria. However, as someone once said: “no matter how thin you slice it, there are still two sides”.

What if we just reversed the equation, a simple math technique, then we would be looking at the possibility that: The increase in pharmaceuticals is directly proportional to the decrease in mental health. Maybe they are causing the problem.


“In 1999, there were more than twice as many motor vehicle deaths as fatal drug overdoses. By 2014, those numbers had flipped, with almost 40 percent more deaths from overdoses than car crashes. In all, 29,230 people died in car accidents in 2014, while 47,055 died from a drug overdose.”

Are you as surprised as me that these figures are widely available, yet, barely anyone reports on it?

This speaks to many drugs not just pharmaceutical opiates and street drugs. However, you would have to be living in a cave halfway up a mountain somewhere, to not have noticed the increase in ‘rage’ in society in general. Most of you probably experience it regularly on the roads, or in a Facebook post thread. People seem to have, basically, lost it.

When it comes to mass-shootings (and there are many other instances of mass killing with knives, machetes, axes etc.) the offenders are biased toward the younger end of the scale. In fact their ages seem to fit effortlessly on a sliding scale that measures how greatly children were medicated at a certain point in time.

I regularly find myself discussing with parents how their children (as young as 4 or 5) were placed on strong, insufficiently tested, mind altering drugs – not by street gangs but by their own physicians. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS DOES WHEN THEY REACH LATE TEEN/EARLY TWENTIES… but we can hypothesize.

Our youth suffer from unprecedented levels of depression, anxiety, violence and anger. This creates behavioral problems. When we have behavioral problems we then turn to… yes, the pharmaceutical companies – for help with further medicating conditions that they are likely to have created in the first place.

I began by talking about crazies, but seriously… this is as crazy as it gets.

We can’t blame parents for being pressured into a decision that should be “the last option” if they weren’t offered any other solutions. The deck is stacked against them from the start. Many working to broaden the, previously limited to brain damage, neuropsychological approach find it almost impossible to get the attention of the establishment (hence this page).

For the first time ‘some’ studies have started to focus on America’s policy on mental health as the prime suspect and not the tired and incomprehensible “firearms are solely to blame”, argument. Parents know the problems begin long before their child had any idea what a firearms was – but this misdirection will continue to confuse the real issue until we speak out!


As my wife, Kelly, always says: “follow the money”. How true!

Geoffrey Ragnarokk Danes

The Quantum Mind

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