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A Brief History Of Us…


Aside from amazing results (yes, sounds trite but see reviews) our clients remark that we are unusual in that we definitely do NOT have the usual Progressive style commonly found in those who work with the mind. Friendly & welcoming to ‘everyone’ we do so with a very traditional family style – or, at least, that’s what my wife Kelly brings to your first contact with us.  We are conservative-not a political statement but a values statement. Our clients are from every creed, gender, race, religion, sexual-orientation and age group-but they will all get a no-nonsense, un PC, direct approach! Why? Because it works, and making it happen for you is what we care about, not societies sensitivities. I will tell you what you need to hear NOT what you want want to hear! It’s much easier to do the latter and take your money but we care about results. So you power into our logic-driven, scientific process and you learn, you understand and you change! Of course I deal with things that are deeply tragic; people who are deeply hurt and shut down – but compassion with timidity is a pat-on-the-back “I’m sorry” method – not me! Compassion with a “I will get you out of that dark place if I have to crawl in and drag you out myself” which is not a bad description actually.

We also have stances we won’t move on:

1. The physical sickness affecting our society IS a residue of the emotional pain!

2. Never, ever, drug children – dangerous untested-by-time chemicals in a developing brain? NO. Sorry. NO brain pharmaceuticals to children for invented ailments like ADHD.

3. ADHD is a set of behavioral patterns NOT an illness – any number of things could be causing these behaviors. Find out what’s going on, don’t reach for drugs!

4. One of the main street-drugs for young people is Xanax ?? why would an anti-anxiety medication be a party drug for energized youngsters? They tell me its because they have genuine anxiety – a combination of not taking the drug properly AND my next point…

3. Politically Correct Progressive Ideology has left society adrift – IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR ANYTHING YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING. I’m not worried about trans-gender individuals who are now getting help-I help them. I’m not worried about people being openly gay (I’m a scientist, homosexuality is a given and at a surprisingly fixed % in many mammals) because these two examples DO know who they are. I’m worried about our youth, the “Purple Penguins” who are told everything natural to our species is wrong. They can be ANYTHING yet, conversely, they can’t be ANYTHING for fear of offending.

4. I’m a Combat Veteran, it was my unorthodox path to this point. i see many Vets with PTSD, yet I see ALL kinds of people with PTSD & Hypervigilance. Our troops express this in a similar way to Vietnam Vets, who I know many. I feel there is a connection with a society which has no base values or strong culture anymore, a systemic sneer campaign against Patriotism – how do you fight & thrive under that blurred premise?

My story? Born & raised in London, England. Joined the military in 1976 at 16 and had already been in love with America for years, back then it wasn’t sneered at by Europe it was the land of adventure. I got my Green Beret with the USMC (NATO Secondment transfer of personnel was big back in ColdWar days) got into the British Special Boat Squadron (SBS) later seconded into SEAL Team 6 before it became “United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group” (I prefer SEAL-T6) then a few conflicts later I worked in R2i Resistance To Interrogation and the US constant military push to understand the mind. I formed my own consulting business after leaving the military and used those skills to help business executives become very powerful persuaders and negotiators – while developing a deductive theory of mind, based off empirical evidence. Our behavior does have a point of origin which becomes more complex, effectively obscuring it. Find that origin and a New Life is possible. Neuroscience progress and tools like non-linear dynamics (Chaos Theory) and my own system Inception Point Mapping™ have proved HIGHLY effective in exposing our subconscious ‘hidden agenda’ – most of us know about self-sabotaging behavior – well, this is where it comes from.

Check the Inception Point Mapping™ Website for Technical Details & Discussions on the Amazing Potential of the Subconscious as Seen Through Quantum Physics!

Any questions – just ask!

Geoffrey Ragnarokk Danes

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